Our little group had a "day off" yesterday (no sightseeing). Since the weather was wonderful and it was Trung's birthday, we all went to Saigon Water Park.

To get there, we took a one-hour ride up the Sai Gon River--practically a tour in itself. Our little boat was dwarfed by the big ships anchored along the waterfront. Beyond the city, we had glimpses of country life that are impossible to see from a highway.

The water park could not have been more fun! The best water slides I have ever seen. A huge pool with sea waves. And plenty of attractive young people cooling off on a steamy afternoon. I'm glad I brought my camera!

Last night we celebrated Trung's birthday at a new restaurant near Reunification Palace. It's entirely outdoors under a huge thatched roof. The all-male staff wear skimpy animal print sarongs. After they gathered around our table to sing a birthday song, all the waiters did hilarious dance number to "Under the Sea" from Little Mermaid. I can't wait to go back!

Everyone is having a fabulous time. I really hate to leave here. But I'll be back for Christmas. Why don't you join me?

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