Yesterday our guide hired a boat to take us up the Perfume River to visit some of the ancient palaces that surround Hue. The lush hills along the river are dotted with imperial residences, tombs and pagodas. The air is sweet with history, mystery and incense.
From this elegant boat house on a giant man made lake, Emperor Tu Duc spent his days writing poetry and contemplating the meaning of life. Morning dew gathered from giant water lilies was used to brew his tea!
Over a majestic bowl of noodles today I was inspired to write poetry of my own about life and love. Trung and I said a tearful good bye in Saigon only yesterday. I long to return already. Tomorrow we continue to Hanoi. New adventures--and maybe new friends--await us there.
The guys at Purple Dragon have done a fantastic job of planning this "adventure in paradise." I'll be back! Why don't you come with me next time?
-- Craig
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