Postcard from Bali! Heavenly Bali


From the air I was awestruck by glittering beaches surrounded by pale necklaces of coral reefs, dark volcanic peaks, and sparkling rivers snaking their way through vast carpets of jungle. As our plane touched down, I could already feel the warm, tropical air waiting to embrace me. I had dreamed of coming to Bali for years and now I was finally here.

Dita, my waiting guide, was dressed in traditional Balinese finery with a flower tucked behind his ear. I was starving and wanted to try a place where locals eat. Dita chose a small "warung", a type of open-air cafe. It was fun to eat from a banana leaf plate using our fingers, and I'll dream about the succulent food for years.

My hotel looks like glamorous movie set! There are flowers everywhere and smiling staff in colorful sarongs. My balcony overlooks a turquoise pool with its own splashing waterfall. A perfect romantic hideaway. Dita told me about the gay section of the beach nearby, and that's where I'm spending the afternoon. I've always heard that Bali is a shopping paradise, but I'm saving that for later. The golden sun and shimmering sea were just too seductive--not to mention the handsome guys running in and out of the surf!

I'll write again in a day or two. Dita has some remarkable things planned for me and I'm sure you'll want to know all about them.

Don't work too hard!

-- John

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