We slept on the drive from Saigon to the Mekong Delta this morning. Last night's disco adventure (followed by too much beer at a very colorful sidewalk place until 2 in the morning!) left us all pretty exhausted. The handsome new friend I met on the dance floor has not left my side.
After a delicious seafood lunch and a visit to a pretty fantastic pagoda, we took a leisurely boat ride through the winding waterways of the delta. The "water coconuts" growing practically everywhere are home to all kinds of exotic birds. Thousands of people live on boats and small islands. One floating market we visited had some of the most fabulous fruit I have ever seen.
We returned to Saigon in time for another night on the town. My friend has it all planned... dinner at an outdoor place, a karaoke stop, then a new disco. Fortunately, tomorrow is free to enjoy the swimming pool.
The guys at Purple Dragon have done a fantastic job of planning this "adventure in paradise." I'll be back! Why don't you come with me next time?
-- Craig

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