A Postcard From Burma!

I always wanted to explore a lost city, but I never imagined I'd do it in exotic Myanmar! Bagan was an ancient kingdom that was sacked and burned by Kubla Khan, then forgotten. All that survived were brick and sandstone pagodas--more than 2,000 of them. I can hardly describe what its like to see these haunting ruins stretch into the horizon.

Inside these shrines are vast, vaulted cathedrals where golden Buddha statues mediate peacefully. Beautiful paintings cover the walls and birds fly in from skylights high overhead. I climbed to the top of one pyramid to take some photos to show you guys when I get home. I wish I had a 3D camera!

After lunch I wandered around the local market, which was full of colorful sights, sounds and scents. I even hired a horse-drawn carriage to show me around the village. There are many ethnic tribes here, all cloaked in traditional costume. I bought a painting in the same style as the murals I saw in the morning.

The end of day came too swiftly, but I know I'll come back to Bagan again one day to explore the other 1,990 temples I missed. As the sun set I climbed an ancient stairway and watched goat herds and oxcarts trundle home from the fields. In my imagination I pictured what this amazing metropolis must have once looked like with all of its markets, golden towers and royal palaces. Got high on one of the best sunsets ever.

Don't work too hard!