Today was our second day sailing Halong Bay. The drive from Hanoi was long and bumpy, but gave us a fascinating look at rural life in Viet Nam. The "highway" was clogged with every imaginable conveyance--busses, trucks, bicycles, motorbikes and even buffalo carts!
Soon after we arrived we boarded a big sailing boat and drifted slowly into the bay. After an hour or so there was hardly another boat in sight. It felt like we had the entire bay to ourselves. There are hundreds of jagged little islands everywhere. According to legend, they were made by the mighty tail of a huge dragon. Several of the islands have beautiful caves, which we stopped to explore. The sunset was the most beautiful I have ever seen!
This afternoon we anchored in a quiet cove to swim while the crew made an incredible lunch. Along the way, little fishing boats came along side to sell us live seafood. Kien, my handsome new friend, must have eaten a dozen crabs. He's having his pre-disco nap on the drive back to Hanoi!
I wish you were here to enjoy this wonderful place with me. The people at Purple Dragon have helped to make this a fantastic experience, and I definitely plan to return. Why don't you join me next time?
-- Craig

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