Purple Dragon Celebrates Songkran - Thailand's New Year!

Bring your favorite drip dry frock.


Songkran, Thailand's biggest and most unusual holiday, comes in April at the beginning of the astrological new year. Normally well-mannered people here celebrate by throwing water on friends, family and complete strangers.

What began as a symbolic act of cleansing Buddha images to greet the new year has become a three day festival of soggy celebrating. Bring a giant water gun and your favorite drip dry frock because you can expect to give and to get a good soaking practically anywhere you go outdoors!

The best place of all to experience Songkran is Chiang Mai. Thousands flock here to join the daily melee of water throwing and enjoy elaborate parades. This is also a time for religious rituals, and the city's colorful temples are filled with pilgrims. Legendary night spots are sure to be hopping (and perfectly dry) after dark.

It is a tradition to greet the new year with friends. We'll be there with buckets to enjoy the fun, meet new friends and enjoy one of Asia's most beautiful cities. Experiences like this last a lifetime. Why don't you join us?