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Fireworks and feasts will usher in the Year of the Dragon on February fifth.

TÍt, the celebration of the lunar new year, is Vietnam's most important holiday. Buses, trains, plains, shops and restaurants are already packed as people return to their families, pay off their debts, and greet the new year with new wardrobe. Streets are blocked to become giant outdoor flower markets, and children get balloons and special toys. There is no happier time than this.

Throughout Vietnam the Christmas trees have finally been taken away and TÍt trees have appeared in their place. After ceremonial offerings at household altars and an obligatory trip to a pagoda, the streets are filled with motorbikes and firecrackers and nightspots are packed with celebrants. Dragon years bring confidence, energy, romance and financial well being--just what everyone has been waiting for!

Remembering friends and family is especially important this week. As we look forward to the exciting year ahead, all of us at Purple Dragon wish you great happiness, good health, and abundance. We hope we will have the good fortune to see you here during the Year of the Dragon.

-- Douglas, John, Robert, Tuan & Trung