A Postcard From Inle Lake, Myanmar!


This beautiful tranquil lake has to be one of the world's hidden treasures -- a haven of peace in a troubled world. Every day I stroll like Gatsby along the wooden jetty to my private longboat. The boatman negotiates through the reeds and the herons flap away as we accelerate out onto the glass-still water.

Shimmering Inle Lake is many miles long but much less wide as it nestles between two high parallel mountain ranges. As we scythe through the water (every village is reached by boat) I take in the 'Lord of the Rings' majesty of the surrounding terrain. I visited a monastery this afternoon where the monks have trained cats to jump through hoops - obviously they have plenty of time on their hands.

As I write this I am awaiting my late-afternoon massage. The hotel has arranged for a local villager to come to my room and give me a Burmese massage each day. Purple Dragon has handled everything beautifully as always. They put me in a fabulous hotel with a restaurant serving Burmese, Indian and French delicacies. I sleep soundly and feel so safe, forgetting the world I left behind.

Don't work too hard!


photographs 2003 by Purple Dragon

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