Postcard from Vietnam

Just before the Tet holiday the huge market in Cho Lon (Saigon's "Chinatown") is crammed with people. Nobody wants to wear old clothes to greet the new year. During our shopping adventure we wandered into a huge pagoda filled with sweet incense. My new friend Trung led me through a ritual of lighting a bundle incense sticks and ringing temple bells.
The weather has been fabulous! Yesterday we took a one-hour boat ride up the river to Saigon Water Park. The place was packed with handsome guys enjoying the water slides and an enormous pool with sea waves. Later, we joined some of Trung's friends at a noisy barbecue restaurant built in the ruins of a French villa. Every table has its own charcoal grill and we cooked a huge platter of marinated steak. We littered the floor with empty Tiger Beer bottles!
Tonight is "boy's night" at Sam Son disco. Trung looks fabulous in his new jeans. How can I possibly go home?
The guys at Purple Dragon have done a fantastic job of planning this "adventure in paradise." I'll be back! Why don't you come with me next time?

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