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Happy New Year! The dragon is the most powerful force in Chinese astrology, and the only symbolic animal that is purely mythical.

The Year of the Dragon promises prosperity, economic growth, innovation, challenge, medical breakthroughs and, if you believe one prominent Chinese astrologer, a Republican President in Washington. This year we celebrate the year of the "water dragon" which promises calm and subtlety, so do not expect a tidal wave of prosperity. Stock markets like dragon years. This could be a great time to get married. Or so they say.

Purple Dragon was established in a dragon year, so this year marks the beginning of our third cycle. Like all dragons, we have been tough, resilient and innovative during the last fourteen years. You can expect more pleasant surprises from us in the year to come, although they may be wet and subtle.

If you have not traveled with us before, or have been a stranger for too long, we hope to welcome you to our growing world during the Year of the Dragon. We promise you the adventures of a lifetime.

-- From All Of Us At Purple Dragon

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