Win a Sapphire Membership Free!

If you are Facebook (or other social media) user with over 100 friends/followers you could win a free Sapphire Club Sanook Membership. All you have to do is Like and/or Share any of the Purple Dragon website's pages (including Douglas' blog), Club Sanook Newsletters, or two of our Facebook pages and win points every time you do. You get extra points for referring customers to Purple Dragon and when your friends become Club Sanook Members. The Prize will go to the top point-earner in this promotion between now and the end of August 2016.

First, you have to register to participate in the contest. It takes less than a minute online. Register below. Once you do, you can earn an almost-unlimited number of points easily:

  • Tell your friends about Club Sanook. For every friend who joins Club Sanook, you win two points as long as they mention your name on the online Member application. Direct them here: www.ClubSanook.com/joinform.htm
  • Recommend Purple Dragon to your Friends. They don't even have to be friends. Recommend us to your bartender, dog groomer, or even the brother-in-law you don't really care for. For anyone who books travel arrangements valued at over $500 with Purple Dragon and mentions your name either in the first email they send us or in our online reservation form, you will earn ten points!
  • Share PurpleDrag.com on Facebook. Pick your favorite trip on the Purple Dragon website and use the Facebook Share button on that page (it's in the column on the right)  to share it on your own Facebook page. You need to let us know immediately ([email protected]) so we can verify it. Or you can take a screen shot of your page and email it to us. OR, you can add me as a facebook friend ( https://www.facebook.com/Delphine.Fu) so I can see it myself. You can do this as many times as you like.
  • Like and Share our Facebook Pages. Besides Purple Dragon's page, we also have pages for our  and our new Better Bhutan page. Like and Share both and you earn three points. If you do not see a "Like" or "Share" button on any page on the Purple Dragon website please let me know. The Purple Dragon website has 834 pages, and we are checking them one by one to make sure they have the Facebook and other social media goodies, but that has to be done by hand, so a heads-up from you will help. We'll give you one point for pointing out any page without social media "buttons."
  • If you use Google Plus, Twitter, Reddit or other social media, you can point our followers to Club Sanook newsletters or the www.purpledrag.com and earn two points for each post. Just be sure to let me know where to find so I can award your points. You can do this as often as you like.
  • Write a five-star review on Purple Dragon's Facebook fan page and you will earn five points.

This promotion replaces the gift certificate contest mentioned in the April newsletter. If you earned points over the last two months you get to keep them, however you must register to participate in the contest. Purple Dragon's employees and suppliers are encouraged to like, share, and everything else, but you can't be a winner. (Sorry.) But Douglas will find some suitable way to reward you.

You must be an active (e.g., not expired) Club Sanook Member to earn points toward the prize. If, in the unlikely event two or more people end up with exactly the same number of points earned at 18:00 on 30 September, Bangkok time, the winner will be decided by a drawing. To qualify as a potential winner, you must earn a minimum of 25 points, and there must be at least six potential winners with at least 25 points or the contest will be cancelled without a winner. The winner may not transfer the Membership to anyone else.

Just fill up the form below to register as a contestant. After about one month we will send you a weekly update with your point status and let you know who is currently ahead of the other participants.