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Newsletter Contents

December 2018

    Gaywashing in Tourism
    What Makes a Tour "Gay?"
    Tom Loved Myanmar
    Our New Man in Myanmar
    2019 Promotions
    Our All-New Sapa Tour,
    Surajgarh and Her Painted Havelis

October 2018

    Same Sex Marriage in Asia Revisited
    Americans: Purple Dragon Wants You to Vote!
    Postcards from Myanmar: Two Couples Share Their Experiences
    A New and "Undiscovered" Island You Won't Want to Visit
    20th Anniversary Offers for Members
    A Career Reboot, A Festival and a Unique Place to Stay in Inle Lake
    Our Forgotten Destinations: Southern Laos
    Assorted Tidbits and Minutae, (including a tasteless hotel room, racist rants on Ryanair, a new SST

August 2018

    Twenty and Counting: Our 20th Anniversary Issue!
    Matthew Loved Isaan
    Thailand Gets Tough on Airbnb
    Purple Dragon Award: "Asia's Best Luxury LGBT Tour Operator"
    Paul & Herman Loved Sri Lanka
    New Sri Lanka Pages and purpledrag.com's Face Lift
    20th Anniversary Offers to Members
    Oh Dear, Douglas Has Blogged Again
    One Tough Tomato Survives the Khmer Rouge
    Saigon's Sexiest Hotel
    Luscious Five Star Bangkok Hotel, Three Star Price
    Please Welcome Our Newest Family Members
    Sharing is Good Karma
    Assorted Tidits and Minutae

April 2018

    Purple Dragon gets recognition and punishment
    Expedia invents a disease
    "Forgotten" destinations: Kep and Bokor National Park
    Did you find your eggs?
    Lots of Bhutan stuff
    An elite club with benefits
    Phuket wants to keep tabs on you
    Thailand's national tourist office "outs" itself (video)
    More idiots abroad
    More on Pommes de Terre
    Two more videos we like
    Jeff & Mark's 27th trip!
    Cash in on free gift certificates
    Leftovers: Cambodia Pride, Myanmar visas, Bangkok street food Suvanabhumi Airport's "fake news" and Songkran

January 2018

    Our 2018 Travel Planning Issue: Where to go and where not to during Asia's three seasons
    (including major Pride events in Asia)
    Our "forgotten" destinations: Sapa in Vietnam's "Tonkinese Alps"
    2018 Vietnam Promotion for Club Sanook Members
    Own a Piece of Purple Dragon
    Our new Emerald Membership
    Bargain Bhutan for Aussies
    President Trump makes  air travel safe for us all
    Tomato update
    Don't drop your drawers in Thailand, please
    Douglas reviews Saigon's Spring Hotel

November 2017

    New addition to our family: Sri Lanka
    World's longest facelift
    Our "forgotten" destination: Sambor Preykuk
    $ale on Bhutan
    Myanmar Update
    Purple Dragon Goes Plastic Free
    New Golden Triangle and Eastern Cambodia
    Aqua Expeditions Mekong
    New Club Sanook Premium Member category: Emerald Membership
    Michaelangelo Does Liposuction: Instant Abs
    Douglas on Hotels: Hanoi's Sofitel Metropole
    Chae & Eli Loved India (they made a fun video to prove it)
    Sharing is good karma (but you knew that already)

August 2017

    The end of our teen years
    Purple Dragon's website gets a face lift
    Our "forgotten" destination: Mui Nea Beach
    Hassan and Frank Loved Bhutan
    QX Magazine interviews Douglas
    New Thailand and Cambodia tours
    Disease du Jour: modern miracle machines
    Delhi's Imperial Hotel, a closer look
    A new cruise between Bangkok and Ayutthaya
    and more....

May/June 2017

    Royal Cremation Date Changed
    Our "Forgotten" Destinations: Kanchanaburi
    Your Place in the Happiness Garden
    Four New Hotels, One NewCruises:
    The Two Petes Loved Bhutan
    Jaya House River Park in Siem Rockets to the Top
    Our Jewels Go Global
    Five Flawless Years With Siteground
    John Loved Myanmar
    .... and more!

March/April 2017

    Hotels that are doing something different:
        Jaya House River Park, Siem Reap
        Wangdue Eco Lodge, Wangduephodrang
        Well Hotel, Bangkok
        Rambutan Hotel & Resort, Siem Reap
        Khwan Beach Resort, Koh Samui
    The travel industry's war on plastic
    Douglas blogs on Bhutan Boy, Cambodian tomatoes, broken glasses and more
    Why we give away shirts
    and a pot pouri of tidbits

November/December 2016

    Thailand mourns
    The prospects for holiday travel (for those who have not planned ahead)
    Our guests have a lot to say about their recent trips
    Something new and unusual in Cambodia
    Three courses, three restaurants - a Bangkok tuk tuk foodie adventure
    New hotels in Siem Reap, Hanoi and Bangkok
    Great photos and tidbits
    The Balcony Does it Again
    The final word: No more elephant abuse
    .... And More!

August 2016

    We celebrate a birthday - We're finally legal!
    The World's Largest/Most Erotic Aircraft Takes Off
    New Countries: How We Do It
    Bhutan Blog #2: It Gets Better
    August Sale on Gems
    Special Brexit Prices
    The "Perfect Circle"
    Angkor Adventure at Last
    Queen Mother of the Tigers Dies
    .... And More!

June/July 2016

    North Korea's Foothold in Cambodia
    Why We Don't Brag About Our Customers
    Bhutan: A Crash Course
    David & Es Loved Bhutan... and So Did Carlos
    The Ultimate Discount
    Win a $2,900 Prize
    Something New on the Mekong
    Adding Some Adventure to Angkor Wat
    No More Elephant Rides For Us!
    Douglas Blogs About Orlando
    .... And Much More

April/May 2016

    Giant Water Gun Season
    Make Appointment, Then Knock - a Memo from Douglas
    Better Bhutan's Fan Club
    You CanWin A $1,000 Purple Dragon Gift Card
    Sapphires and Rubies Are a Boy's Best Friend
    Comings & Goings
    Results of our December China Poll (with some of the comments received)
    The Leftovers: Phnom Penh Pride, Purple Dragon's Nepal, United to Xi'an, and a new VN Visa

December 2015

    It's all about you
    What's Trending Here
    Bhutan Gets Even Better
    Douglas blogs about guns (and The Donald)
    Bangkok's Sexiest Hotel
    The Circus is moving
    A 3D printed hotel
    Cheap Vietnam visas
    Myanmar begins to turn pink
    Has anyone seen the Yeti lately?
    Should we get out of China? What do you think?
    New hotels in Luang Prabang
    Don't plan to get naked in Angkor Wat
    Two videos of an extraordinary landing you won't forget

August/September 2015

    The Baht Takes a Nose Dive
    Visa-Free Vietnam
    Mekong Cruises On Sale
    Douglas' Blue Moon Blog
    Winds of Change in Myanmar
    Gift Certificate Deadline Extended
    Two Hotels and a Lunchtime Face Lift
    Free Tomatoes
    World Travel Awards
    New York Times Video

May 2015

    It's Over!
    Douglas is ignoring me
    Putting adventure into the adventure
    More on Marriage
    Seasonal Member Goodies
    Give yourself the gift of saving
    Medicine for Nepal
    Introducing The Hansar
    Muay Thai meets Las Vegas
    Fanmail for our guides
    The Demise of Points (redux)
    IAmWhatIAm - Cambodia Pride 2015

March/April 2015

    Douglas ate his way through a Himalayan kingdom
    Miss Fu is not dead
    A Kingdom in recovery
    April Fools dinner cruise to nowhere
    The marriage race continues
    And speaking of gift certificates
    Shinta Mani Rocks!
    Douglas at the circus
    The demise of points

October 2014

    India 101: A first Timer's Guide to India Travel
    Is it safe yet?
    Count-down for our Cambodia Initiatives
    15% off Cambodia
    Visa Changes you should know about
    2015 Gift Certificates available now! (save money without planning in advance)
    New Hotels
    Footprint: How Much Do You Love/Hate Facebook?
    Douglas' Cover Story

June/July 2014

    Peace at Last!
    DT's Blog Goes Public
    Sizzling Summer Sale
    Half Price Bling
    Poll Results: Same Sex Marriage in Asia
    More Half Price Bling
    A Night at the "Circus"
    FlightSee Angkor Wat
    Up Next: India in Depth
    Footprint Poll: Your Opinion About Events in Thailand

May 2014

    On The Edge: Preah Vihear
    Thailand's Messy Politics
    15% Off Just About Everything
    Half Price Bling
    Disease Du Jour: Thread Lifts
    New Balloons Above Bagan
    Updating 2015 Prices
    Which Southeast Asian country will be the first to recognize same sex unions?

February 2014

    Madness in Bangkok
    Low Season Secials
    More About China - Part Two
    Disease du Jour: Vazer
    Decorate Yourself: Traditional Thai Tattoos
    Cruise Bali to Singapore in Suite Style
    Hotel Pullman G
    Darika's Queen for a Day

October 2013

    Our New Old Website
    Our Weird Window Has Fans
    Focus on China (part one)
    Bangkok's "Railroad" night market
    Disease du Jour: Party Drugs that Make You Look Better
    Our Resident Hero: Rath in Angkor Wat
    You Can Fly a 737!
    The Road Less Traveled in Cambodia
    Biking in Ayutthaya
    Four Seasons Chiang Mai and Golden Triangle
    A Wedding, A Honeymoon, an Adventure
    Darika Caught Eating Fast Food!

May 2013

    No, We Did Not All Die in a Plane Crash
    New Diamond Membership
    Leave Your Footprint!
    Off the Beaten Path in Cambodia
    Big Things Happening at Shinta Mani
    It's In the Bag

October 2012

    A Fresh Look at Vietnam
    Hanoi Update
    New Cruise Options in Halong Bay
    Saigon Update
    Nua Ben Den Mountain
    The World's Biggest Caves
    Seven Night Cruises on Two Fab Ships
    Take Survey=200 points
    Club Sanook's New and Improved Shop
    Atlantis Update
    Myanmar Prices Get Real

June 2012

    "Undiscovered" Paradise Islands: Koh Ngai and Song Saa
    Take Survey=100 points
    Mmmm. More Myanmar Madness
    Myanmar Shows its Pride
    Your Own Gay Sauna in Bangkok
    Found: One Lost Photo Contest
    Recover Expired Points and Travel At "Wholesale" Prices Forever
    Sweet Prices on July Mekong Cruises (among other things)
    Last Chance for High Season Discounts
    New Hotels in Chiang Mai: Ping Nakara
    Shinta Mani Redux
    Purple Dragon Shore Excursions for Atlantis Asia Cruise
    Miss Fu Gets a FaceBook Page (and it even has her photo)

April 2012

    Songkran and Tsunamis
    Surviving Bangkok Airport Immigration
    Hotel Rates in Myanmar
    Explosions at Silom Skytrain Station?
    Bags of Rice in Siem Reap
    Jeff & Mark Hit #15
    Nepal Next!
    More Green Season Saving
    Get a Free Shirt
    Lots of New Hotels in China

February 2012

    Happy New Year from Sandbag City
    Myanmar Madness
    Jeff & Mark Loved Southern Laos
    Iranians Fail Terrorism School
    The Bucket List
    Green Season Savings
    Eye Lifts, Botox on Sale, Brighten Your Pearly Whites
    New Luxury Halong Cruise

August 2011

    Bangkok to Siem Reap by Road
    Billy Loved his Face Lift (and Richard Loved His Lasek)
    Discount Gay Mekong Cruise
    Baphuon Temple Reopens
    Share Your Personal Bucket List
    Read This Newsletter, Get 100 Bonus Points
    Chinese Government Selling Gay Tours
    And more....

April 2011

    The US Dollar
    Todd Built a House
    Jeff & Mark Loved India
    Green Season Specials
    Shopping Heaven in Beijing
    Silk Path Hotel, Hanoi
    Transgendered Soldiers in Thailand
    Retire in Thailand
    Openly Gay UK Ambassador in Cambodia

March 2011

    Myanmar is Hot Again
    Hugh & Kanitful Loved Their Wedding
    Boat Sinks in Halong Bay
    Border Squirmishes in Thailand
    Green Season Specials
    Disease du Jour: Baldness Cured!
    Club One Seven Chiang Mai
    Miss Fu to Become Immortal

January 2011

    New Year Greetings
    Connecting the Mekong
    Peter Loved Bhutan
    "Sanitizing" Pattaya
    Cheap Thrills in Bangkok and Chiang Mai
    Cheap Deals in High Season
    Miss Fu to Become Immortal
    Return of the Photo Contest
    The Truth About Travel Warnings
    Forget What We Said About Myanmar Visas
    End-of-the-Planet Tour

July 2010

    Is Bangkok Safe Yet?
    How "Gay Friendly" is India?
    Drag Shopping in Delhi
    The NY Times Strikes Out Again
    Travel Photos=100 Points!
    10 to 24% Off!
    Armageddon Fantasies?
    Been There, Done That
    Disease du Jour: Instant Abs
    July Quiz: Win a Prize
    Myanmar Visas on Arrival!
    Supersonic Travel
    Delhi Gets a New Airport
    Do You Romeo?

April 2010

    Expo Shanghai
    Is Siem Reap the New Palm Springs?
    Those Pesky Red Shirts
    Photo Contest #4
    Jeff & Mark Loved Bokor
    Bokor Gets a Reprieve
    Been There, Done That
    April/May Quiz

January 2010

    Social Networking and Gay Travel
    Meet Eak, our New Mr. Perfect
    Sound Off on China
    Singapore, Bhutan, Nepal and Sri Lanka
    Been There, Done That
    January Quiz
    The Trivia Pile:
    New Hotels at Purple Dragon

October/November 2009

    Yes, (or is it darn?), we're still here
    India Comes Out - Pride Celebrations in India
    Jeff & Mark Loved Myanmar
    Songkran in Luang Prabang
    Been There, Done That: Museum of Counterfeit Goods,Wat Benjamabophit, Mae Glong Market
    Disease du Jour: Stem Cell Therapies
    Darika Answers Travel Questions, Too
    Trivia: Cambodia Angkor Air, Brits to Pay Higher Travel Taxes, Hong Kong Gay Film  Festival, About Our Prices, Snakes on a Plane
    New in Purple Dragon's World: Festivals Page, Aqua Boutique Guest House

May 2009

    Hevenly Events: Total Eclipse
    Club Sanook Specials: Free Nights, Shrinking Prices
    Been There, Done That: Sanam Luang and Si Ayutthaya Road, Pak Klong Talad, Gay Nightlife Thai Style
    Disease du Jour: Life-saving tour guides
    Blog Achieves Cult Status
    Grade Purple Dragon
    New in Purple Dragon's World: Sapa, Ayutthaya and the River of Dreams, Singapore, Bali & Bhutan
    Photos from our Members

March 2009

    The Good News Is....
    Been There, Done That: Anantasamakhom Throne Hall, Bangkok's Hindu Temple,Panthip Plaza, Koh Kret
    Kudos in Deli
    Singapore Swings
    Back to Bali
    New in Purple Dragn's World: The Cosmo (Hong Kong), The Scarlet (Singapore), Deva Raja Villa (Sihanoukville), Golden Banana's Boutique Resort
    Disease du Jour: A Shocking Video

January 2009

    Thailand's New Government
    The High Season That Wasn't
    Photo Contest winners
    Eat, Drink & Miss Fu
    New Years Quiz
    Purple Dragon on Plaxo

December 2008

    Thai Politics & Airport Drama
    Bush Bucks for You!
    Photo Contest Finalists
    Disease du Jour: Erase those Tattoos
    New in Purple Dragon's World
    Been There, Done That: Suphanburi, Fortune Tellers, Brunch at the Four Seasons
    Red Cross Serpentarium

August/September 2008

    Burma Relief from our Fabulous Customers
    Photo Contest Prizes
    Disease du Jour: Non-Surgical Aesthetic procedures
    Ninety-Nine New Temples Discovered near Angkor Wat
    Oil Spectulators
    Free Shirts for Members
    New in Purple Dragon's World: Michael Truong, Way Beyond Luang Prabang, Elephntmania, New India Options, The Quay in Phnom Penh, FCC Angkor, Pingburi Hotel
    Been There, Done That: Bangkok's "Penis Shrine"

April/May 2008

    Myanmar Redux Again
    Ultimate Angkor
    Green Season Specials
    Disease du Jour: A Quick Fix for Operatic Slumber
    Our Moment of Fame in Out Traveler
    New at Purple Dragon: Todd, Laos
    Third Annual Photo Contest
    Photo of the Month
    Douglas' Velveeta Confession

February 2008

    Get Free Money
    Planning for Next High Season
    Plan-Ahead Discounts
    Been There, Done That: A Siamese Spectacular, Bicycle tours
    Disease du Jour: Avoiding Painful Wallet Extractions
    Three Dot Journalism

November 200

    More about Myanmar
    Where to Sanook for the Holidays
    Disease du Jour: The Big "C"
    This Month's Contest
    China "Relaxes" HIV Rules
    Festive Season Events in the Land of Smiles

September 2007

    Road to Ruin: Bokor National Park
    36 Hours in the Dark
    Disease du Jour: Check-Up Packages, Ankle Brachial Tests
    Myanmar: Books, Monks and Discontent
    Bobby's Back
    Capitalists Visit Hell Garden
    Douglas Ate Guilin
    New in Purple Dragon's World: Mai Chau, Beyond Luang Prabang, Oberoi Special

June 2007

    Photo Contest Winners
    Events: Bangkok Pride, Bangkok Opera
    New in Purple Dragon's World: Angkor Leisurely, Beyond Luang Prabang

February 2007

    Bangkok Set to Have Second Airport
    Phuket Pride
    Purple Bonus Points
    2007 Photo Contest
    Discounts Galore
    This Month's Contest
    Allen Briggs
    New: Halong Quickie, New Old Samui, Gift Cards, Samui

December 2006

    Holiday Wishes
    The Sliding Greenback
    Suvarnabhumi Redux
    Airline News
    Douglas is Blogging
    New: Woking on the Beach, Rover of Kings Cruise, High Above Angkor,
    Where to Stay: 222 Silom, Raming Lodge

September 2006

    Bangkok's New Airport
    Phuket Pride
    Royal Flower Show
    Crazy Visa Rules
    New: India, Guilin

June 2006

    Moving On... Utopia Tours Becomes Purple Dragon
    2006 Photo Contest Winners
    New: Angkor Adventure, Phuket Leisurely, Sensual Samui
    Thailand's Political Situation
    New Leadership for Bangkok Pride
    Club Sanook Goodies

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