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  The Latest Photos from Purple Dragon's Cambodia Projects

Purple Dragon's staff in Cambodia have initiated a number of projects to help people in need. This began with rescuing one family, then adopting a school. It has expanded to include building projects, providing medical and dental care, digging wells and gifting animals and essential tools to farmets. Much of what we have been able to do in Cambodia is due to the support of our friends and customers.
emergency food
Rath, our manager in Siem Reap started all this. He is shown delivering badly-needed food

Most rural homes are built of bamboo and are raised above the ground to avoid flooding. While bamboo is pretty sturdy, it eventually wears out, making many homes unsave and uncomfortable. This projects helps to keep the weather out prevent kids from falling through the floor. The order of the photos shows the progress of project to improve several small homes.

house project 1 house project 2
house project 3

Two houses on Tonle Sap. The one on the left was recently refurbished.


Recent photos of the kids in "our" school.


It's hard to see, but the sign says "THANK YOU." Magic Markers, paint or colored pencils might have made this message pop out. Don't have those.

The kids are holding school supplies given by one our customers who visited Angor Wat. Not every got some.

We have dug quite a few wells in Western Cambodia. Rath is still trying to sort out where all of these are.