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Save Tons of Dough

Our Annual "Gift Certificate" Program

This is the 10th year we are offering this money-saving option to our customers who want to plan in advance but have not yet settled on dates or a final program. You can give yourself a "gift certificate," which is really a prepayment that you can buy at a discount.

You can save plenty on future Purple Dragon travel, even if you have not chosen dates, made a reservation or even decided where you want to go! It's very easy... Buy a Purple Dragon Gift Certificate we will give you a discount on the face value. Diamond Members also Purple Bonus Points automatically!

Why are we doing this? This will be the 10th year in a row we have offered reduced prices for Members who plan well in advance. Last minute reservations are more difficult for us to handle, take far more time, and lead to disappointment since we are often not able to give our guests the hotels and flights they want. So by popular demand we offer this program that would reward our  Members while also offering the maximum flexibility.

There are two "seasons"  for gift certificates. For travel from October 2018 through March 2019. For this period you must finalize your gift certificate purchase by 20 April 2018.

For travel from April through September 2019.  For this period you must finalize your gift certificate purchase before 15 December 2018. You can make travel arrangements with us when you decide on the dates and itinerary you want.

The next periods, which covers travel from October 2019 through March 2020. For this period you must finalize your gift certificate purchase by 15 April 2019.

Face Value

Price Price + Purple Bonus Points
(for Diamond Members Only)
$1000 $900 $850 + 1200
$1250 $1,085 $1,045 + 1875
$1500 $1,300 $1,230 + 2250
$2000 $1,730 $1,640 + 3000
$3000 $2,550 $2,460 + 3,700
$5,000 $4,250 $4,300 + 6,000
$10,000 $8,400 $8,200 + 12,000
$20,000 $16,800 $16,300 + 16,000

THE FINE PRINT: Gift Certificates are available to Club Sanook Members only. Gift Certificates can be used by the buyer or given as a gift. Gift Certificates can not be used in payment for airfares, Bhutan, or overnight cruises, in combination with other discounts (except Phuket Leisurely, Bangkok Leisurely, Leisurely Angkor, or Chiang Mai Leisurely Member-only packages, and one-time discounts for Diamond Club Sanook Members), or when reservations are not made directly through Purple Dragon. Certificates can be redeemed for travel arrangements scheduled for travel during either of the two periods shown above. However,  Gift Certificates cannot be applied to travel arrangements that have already been reserved before purchase of the Gift Certificate(s). No part of a Gift Certificate is refundable. Club Sanook Diamond Members may redeem accumulated Purple Bonus Points and apply the value of a Gift Certificate as payment for the same booking. If you do not use the entire face value of a Gift Certificate, the remaining balance will be held as a credit through April 2018. You may transfer a credit of no more than 25% of the face value of the Gift Certificate to someone else if you cannot use it yourself, although it must be used within the designated period of validity. Cancellation penalties described in Purple Dragon's standard terms and conditions apply to Gift Certificates the same as any other form of payment. You may pay for your Gift Certificate by Paypal, Visa, Master Card, American Express, or by cash transfer. A discount of 2% applies if you pay by bank transfer. Purple Bonus Points will be applied to the Diamond Member's account after the Gift Certificate is redeemed and travel completed.

To purchase a Gift Certificate all you need to do is click here to email [email protected]

India & Bhutan - Take our "Grand Bhutan" or "Bhutan Explorer" package in conjunction with seven nights or more in India (any of our all-inclusive private tours anywhere) and take 5% off the cost of total land arrangements (excluding airfare--sorry, we are not allowed to discount Bhutan since prices are set by their government) and earn a 25% points bonus on the whole trip if you are a Diamond Member.

Vietnam - Reserve any two Vietnam packages and you can take a 5% discount on the total, and a 15% discount on optional side trips. Three or more Vietnam packages and take 10% off the most expensive, 5% on the rest, and 15% off optional side trips.

Cambodia - Reserve our Phnom Penh package and you can take 7% off that package when you add any Angkor Wat or Kep package -OR- 10% off that package when you add any Angkor Wat package plus Kep.

Cambodia - Reserve our Phnom Penh package plus our Road Less Traveled overnight trip between Phnom Penh and Siem Reap, and any Angkor Wat package lasting four nights or more and get a 10% discount on the total.

Laos - Combine Luang Prabang and Vientiane and take a 5% discount on the total.

Laos - Take our "Way Beyond Luang Prabang" package and you can take 5% off our Luang Prabang and Vientiane packages together.

Thailand - Take 5% off our Krabi or Koh Samui packages when you combine them with any non-discounted Bangkok or Chiang Mai package.

Thailand - Book any two Thailand packages totaling six nights or more and get a guide for one day in Chiang Mai or Bangkok FREE.

Thailand - Book any three Thailand packages totaling seven nights or more and take 5% of the two most expensive. Book any four Thailand packages totaling ten nights or more and take 5% off the total.

Bangkok - Take 10% off our Bangkok Basics package when you take any other package anywhere.

Myanmar - If your Purple Dragon Myanmar holiday is at least ten nights you get a 5% discount. (Nights spent on overnight cruises do not count.)

THE GRAND TOUR - Travel with Purple Dragon for at least 31 nights and we will deduct 5% from all packages you choose. Excludes overnight cruises, airfares or hotel-only arrangements.

Please Note: These offers are good for travel through 2017 and may be amended or withdrawn at any time. Hotels are subject to availability. You must reserve directly with Purple Dragon at least 45 days in advance. All offers must be prepaid in full within seven days of the date we send you a written summary of your reservations. You may not combine special offers--only one discount or special offer per destination, please. However you apply multiple discounts to multiple destinations, such as Phnom Penh and Angkor Wat + Chiang Mai and Koh Samui + seven nights or more in Myanmar.

Please mention the offer you wish to use at the time you reserve. They cannot be applied retroactively.

On a budget but want to enjoy Phuket for a week or more? Our "Phuket Leisurely" Members-only package uses the delightful Club One Seven Boutique Hotel in Patong. Homey, spacious rooms, a health club, a restaurant, free WiFi and a wonderful staff are just a few reasons to stay there. Club One Seven is in a quite area, just one block from Patong Beach and just minutes from nightlife, shopping and great restaurants.

Why rush through a stay in Chiang Mai when you can kick back and enjoy the fresh air, the colorful sights, the incomparable shopping and the terrific nightlife. "Chiang Mai Leisurely" lets you do that at a cost you can afford. Stay a week or longer and we give you a terrific little hotel (nicer than you expect) within easy walking distance from the Night Market, airport transportation, breakfast every day, and one of our wonderful guides for a free-style orientation tour.

Angkor Leisurely gives you plenty of time to enjoy Siem Reap town, including one or more days of touring Angkor Wat. Stay at the delightful Rambutan Bourtique Hotel and Rembutan Boutique REsort. You even get your own private tuk tuk for a whole day to shop, take a ride in the country of do just about whatever you like. You must be a Member to reserve this package.

Members using our Essential Angkor, Angkor Adventure, or Ultimate Angkor packages get one free ticket per person to Phare, the Cambodian Circus during your stay. For many who see this dazzling show it is the most memorable highlight of their visit to Angkor Wat.

Club Sanook Diamond Members can accumulate Purple Bonus Points that can be redeemed later for special discounts and free stuff. Members earn 1.5 points on every US$ they spend on Purple Dragon packages. You can also earn points two other ways:

Members who reserve, pay and travel on Purple Dragon packages taken during March through September earn an extra 25% bonus points automatically!

Tell your friends about Club Sanook. You get 100 bonus points for every friend who joins Club Sanook.

When your friend earns his/her first 500 points, you get a 250 point bonus.

To recommend Club Sanook to your friends, just go to our Membership Application page and click on "Recommend Membership to Friend." You can send a brief message plus the page address to as many friends as you like. (We do not see this information, nor do we keep any data from this process.) Your friend must name you when they join for you to get points.


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Specials, discounts and other offers are restricted to Club Sanook Members and may be changed or withdrawn without notice.
Specials and discounts can not be combined with other offers and do not apply to custom tours or groups.
Reservations are subject to Purple Dragon Ltd's standard Terms and Conditions.
Additional conditions may apply to special offers. Please ask.
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