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Special Through December 2017 for Established Purple Dragon Customers

If you have traveled with Utopia Tours and/or Purple Dragon in the past and spent more than $1,500 on all-inclusive packages you can apply a credit for the amount you spent towards the cost of a Sapphire or a Ruby Membership. To find out the credit available to you write [email protected]. If you have taken one of our packages or a custom tour within the last eighteen months you can take an additional $250 discount. And if you are 65 or older, you can take a 35% discount on the Sapphire or Ruby Membership after taking the above discounts. We'll need a copy of your passport.

Basic Membership

You can join Club Sanook at no cost. You get a free subscription to a fantastic Asia travel newsletter, and you can take advantage of Member-only packages and Member-only seasonal specials.

Diamond Membership

Diamond Members earn 1.5 points for each dollar spent on Purple Dragon packages. Your points never expire as long as you remain a Diamond Member. Any expired points will be returned to your account when you upgrade to Diamond Member. Diamond Members 10% off their first all-inclusive package once they join at this level, and get 5% off all Purple Dragon's packages packages during the period of their Diamond Membership. Discounts apply to the Member and one traveling companion. Memberships are for individual persons and not households and are not transferable.  Please join as a Diamond Member before you contact us about reservations. (If you have already initiated a booking and we have sent you a Reservation Summary the cost is $400.) Cost: $250

Points are earned on Purple Dragon packages but not airfares, hotel-only bookings, guide-only bookings, insurance, or airport FastTrack services.

With a few exceptions, discounts cannot be combined with other Club Sanook discounts but can be used with Member Specials and Members-only packages. Discounts apply only to reservations made after you join or upgrade to the Diamond level. Discounts cannot be applied towards airfares, overnight cruises or Bhutan. But Sapphire and Ruby Members get all of our destinations and products at cost.

Cost: US$250 for three years

And Two Premium Memberships That Allow You To Travel at Our Net Wholsale Costs (and save up to 40%)

The Sapphire Membership is good for three consecutive years and allows you to travel at Purple Dragon's wholesale cost. Two more friends can travel with you at a substantial discount.

As a Sapphire you and a companion can travel as often as you like during the period of your Membership, whether it be our standard packages, custom tours, or hotel-only bookings. Read additional details below.

Cost: US$2,990 for three years (beginning on the day you first travel as a Sapphire Member)

The Ruby Membership is good for life and allows you and a companion to travel at Purple Dragon's wholesale cost. Up to four more friends can travel with you at a substantial discount.

As a Ruby Member you and a companion can travel as often as you like during the period of your Membership, whether it be our standard packages, custom tours, or hotel-only bookings. Read additional details below.

Cost: US$4,900 for life.

Things you need to know about Sapphire and Ruby Memberships

Both the Sapphire and Ruby Memberships allow you to travel with Purple Dragon at our net wholesale rate, which means up to 40% lower than our published prices. "Wholesale" means the cost we pay hotels, car companies, guides, and other suppliers for the components that go into our tour programs, including taxes that are passed on to us,  and credit card commission fees we have to pay. In other words, we make zero profit.

You can also use your Sapphire or Ruby Membership globally. We can book hotels for you just about anywhere in the world through the global distribution system we subscribe to at rates that are usually lower than what you an get through hotel websites. Have your eye on a tour to Machu Pichu or a Nile cruise? If the supplier pays commission to travel agents, we an probably get you at least 10% off. You can read more about that here.

We think this is a great deal for someone who has long term plans for multiple tours in our part of the world at a $5,000 to  $7,000 or more per year.

This is a great deal for:

  • Anyone who plans to explore our part of the world extensively
  • Anyone who has a bucket list that includes travel (even if, and especially if, you are only 35-45 years old)
  • Anyone who plans to retire in Asia and wants to spend time exploring
  • Those who  have considered major trips with us but think we are too expensive
  • Anyone who wants to save a bundle of money in the long run

If you are a Diamond Member you can take a $250 discount on the Sapphire or Ruby Membership cost.

If you are Basic Member you can apply expired Purple Bonus Points toward your Membership at US$ .05 per point of you have a minimum of 1,500 expired points. In other words, if you have 6,000 pints you would be entitled to a reduction of $300. (If you want to know how many points are in your account,ask Miss Fu.)

If you travel just once a year you will probably recover the cost of the Sapphire Membership about half way through the three-year period if you travel once a year and spend an average of $7,000 each year.

A few important rules:

  • Memberships are not transferable and non-refundable.

  • Prices for travel purchases at the Sapphire and Ruby level are good for the Member and one companion traveling on the same itinerary and using one or two rooms.

  • You can travel with us as often as you like.

  • If others join you and are following the same itinerary, we will offer a discount of 10% off published rates, based on the actual number of people traveling together (which is less than the published rate for two people). So if you and 2-3 friends plan to travel together you can divide the cost of the Membership between you, although it still must be in one person's name.

  • Since our pricing and our supplier agreements are pretty confidential, Members at this level will be requited to sign an agreement not to disclose any of the details of the prices you pay. We will provide you with all details of your costs, of course. You can examine your file in our office if you give us 24 hours notice (since your file may be in off-site storage).

Why are we doing this? We have plans to expand (two new countries and three new websites) and diversify (expanding our app development, and beginning distribution of several agricultural and industrial products). It will cost us less to give our favorite customers a great deal than borrow from a bank. We like you better than banks anyway.

Have a question? Ask Miss Fu, our Membership Secretary.


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