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Spartacus 2015   SUZY SIZE  Gay Paradise   Queer Japan
Gay Chiang Mai    Damron for women  Berlin
Gay London  Gay South Africa    Bushnell Binoculars are the Best
Frommer's Gay Europe  Naked Places  Rainbow Hawaii  Gay Phrase Book  Gay Travel in the Moslem World's guide books
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Smart Packing  Nat Geo's Best Travel Experiences  Dreaming Bhutan   China Survival Gyuide  
Frommerr's Thailand  Frommer's Southeast Asia    Frommer's Japan  Kindle 
Frommer's Nepal & Bhutan  Fromer's Vietnam  Fromer's China  Shanghai & Beijing  Frommer's India
Lonely Planet Thailand  Lonely Planet Cambodia  Lonely Planet Thailand Islands & Beaches  Lonely Planet Bhutan  Lonely Planet Nepal
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Bhutan      Hidden Lands                Echo 
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Isaan Cuisine Thai Street Food  Get Plugged  Thai Food
Burmese Cooking  Food of Burma  Flavors of Burma  Eat to Live
Rice & Curry Sti Lankan Cooking   not a sun visor
Everyday Chinese  Chinese Kitchen  Stir Frying  One Thousand Chinese Recipes


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       wrinkle free      
  B&O headphoones      
Butter Tea at Sunrise  Butterfly  Nutragena Sport Gay Kama Sutra  
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   Jays headphones for the iPhone           
     tiny speakers, poweerful sound   Maybe America should have printed a $3 bill    
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Effa Manley  Simply Irresistable  Jane Fonda  Oprahhhhhh  Goldie
women with headaches  Was Dinah really a Dike?  get slimmer   Powerful Women 
Lauren Becall  Renee Fleming  Wireless modem
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flashlight, clock and radio in one    snorkeling gear    Universal Adapter
clean water anwhere!     chubby old poof things he is a model     Merrill Hking/Waking shoes

sexy undergear        digital clock, radio, flashlight, and toaster combination     iPhone case with a secret compartment       My memory isn't what it used to be   very sexy luggage  watch the birdie   Buy Me!
a very sexy camera    portable solar recharger The HD video camera Douglas wants